This is the blog I should’ve written in 2013

Text written on the sand of a beach
Bienvenido a España

… back when I was in the process of moving to Madrid and during my first months here.

It would have been very useful to keep a written record of everything we were doing and going through.

But, with three small children the whole experience was so overwhelming, that I didn’t write any blog.

Anything, really. 

For me, a native Spanish speaker, was so difficult to navigate all the nicks and cranies of a big move, that now I want to help you:

  • navigate your moving to Spain,
  • enjoy your new life in Madrid,
  • and especially give you some language tools to survive your first few months here (remember I’m a Spanish teacher).

and so help you feel at home

Based on my experience, I’m going to write about all possible topics that involve moving to Madrid with a young family. 

I’m also going to share experiences from other expats I know, hoping their journey will enlighten yours. 

It’s my experience and I don’t expect everybody to have the same one.

So, welcome and enjoy the ride!

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