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From zero to knowing-what-is-going-on

For Beginners

Ideal if you don’t want to read El Quijote in Spanish, but you don’t want to stay there smiling and saying to everybody and relying on Google Translate to say even the most basic thing either.

My program is aimed at giving you the tools (vocabulary, grammar and dialogues) you need for daily life in Spain.


  • going to the shops
  • asking for ingredients in a restaurant
  • organising a party
  • understanding what the doctor is telling you
  • communicating with the plumber, electrician, hairdresser, cashier, waiters, etc, etc, etc.

Just to name a few typical situations. 

This is a practical course, where you can meet other people like you and ask for recommendations on doctors, places to eat and why do Spaniards to the things they do. 

vamos a hablar

Group class

Intermediate to Advanced

Not everybody that comes to Spain is a total beginner. 

Or maybe you’ve been living here longer but don’t have the opportunity to practice “deeper” Spanish on a regular basis.

This course is aimed at people that already  have an intermediate or advanced level, but want to improve their spoken skills, vocabulary and grammar in a natural, fun way.

In a group we will talk about everything possible:

  • news
  • holiday destinations
  • movies, series and books
  • the latest celebrity gossip
  • more complex topics, like environment, the economy, the real estate market in Spain
  • and practice how to negotiate, make a complaint, navigate Spanish bureaucracy, etc, etc, etc.

Just to name a few topics. 

Friends talking at a café

1-to-1 classes

This option is very flexible and ultra-personalised, that is why I only open a few slots for it per year.

Here we will work on your objectives only and will go as fast or as slow as you need. 

If you’re interested in this option, just book a free, 30 minute online session with me to “meet” each other. 

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That way, you won’t lose all the important info and you will be able to go back to it whenever you want. 

Please note that, as part of my community, I will also send my emails of irregular frequency. Sometimes you will get them daily, other times less often. In these emails I share more tips and other fun stuff about life in Spain and speaking Spanish. Plus, yes (insert rolling-eyes-smiley), I also promote my Spanish courses. However, you can unsuscribe at any moment and there will be no hard feelings. 

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