You don’t really want to learn Spanish

You want to speak Spanish when you live in Spain

…and for that you need words. Lots of them.

But not the words that a book tells you. You need words that are relevant for real life in Madrid -or life in Spain in general. 

I have a community, to which I send words in Spanish once a week per email, for you to grow your vocabulary in a free & easy, yet effective way. 

Words of high frequency that you will see everywhere and use every day when you live in Spain.

You can join here and also get an
audio with my 5 Top tips to practice Spanish every day.

Hi, I'm Jimena, and I’ve also been an expat a few times.

Now I'm a
Spanish teacher who helps expats in Spain speak the language.
(I mean, feel at home.)

Because I know how overwhelming everything can be when you lack the words and spontaneity to express your needs.

If you already live in Spain ...

… you’ve probably realised that life here is not all sunshine, tapas and great wine.

It’s also bringing your kids to school and talking to other moms there.

Making dentist and doctor appointments

Sorting out endless bureaucratic paperwork

Finding a gym and Pilates class that you like -in English please

And, of course, calling the technician to come repair the washing machine asap or else the already sky-high pile of dirty clothes will keep reproducing.

Can you feel the anxiety already? I can. Been there.

That’s why I’ve created a programme for expats in Spain to learn Spanish speak Spanish with the vocabulary that they really need. For the situations they will face in real life here.

Spanish teacher
not overwhelmed anymore

My programme is based on...


conversation from day 1.


stories that you help co-create, so bringing to class your interests and needs.


… practice, practice, practice to fix the vocabulary that is relevant to you, and not the book’s.


… the most frequent vocabulary in Spanish so that you acquire what you’re really going to use, and not get burned out learning things that you don’t need. 


short and concise grammar explanations, without having to memorise lists of anything.


… the TPRS methodology, which promotes language acquisition through storytelling and reading, just like children learn their mother language. 


… and last but not least, making the most out of the immersive environment you already live in: Spain.

And for that, you can start with this audio. All you have to do is join my community

Not only will you get this audio, which you can listen to in the car, in the shower or even as you cook, but also, you will get emails from me with new words in Spanish.

Once a week, each with a new word or a phrase that you will be able to use in Spain. Plus, more tips & language resources.

Sometimes you will use them straightaway, sometimes you will need to wait for the dishwasher to break down, but I promise your Spanish vocabulary will slowly but surely increase, along with your capacity to communicate in this language. 

It took me years to be fully conscious of how I got to speak English and German the way I do.

And now that I know how I did it, I want to share it with you.

Here is what you’re going to learn with my 10-minute audio:

Just simple actions that can transform your Spanish if you do put them into practice.

Last call to get words in Spanish 3-4 times per week delivered straight into your inbox...

… and my audio with 5 tips to practice Spanish every day. 

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