Want to practice Spanish every day but don't know how, even if you live in Spain?

I have an audio with my best tips to practice Spanish.

For people like you, who live in Spain, are learning Spanish, but don’t know how to practice the language without it being boring or feeling like a chore. 


I’m Jimena and I teach Spanish to expats like you…
… because I am one as well.

And I know how important it is to speak the language of the country you live in. 

Been there. 

This audio is a compilation of what I did to improve my English, when I lived in England & Ireland, and German, when I lived in Germany. 

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Please note that, as part of my community, I will also send my emails of irregular frequency. Sometimes you will get them daily, other times less often. In these emails I share more tips and other fun stuff about life in Spain and speaking Spanish. Plus, yes (insert rolling-eyes-smiley), I also promote my Spanish courses. 

What will you get?

20 minutes of tried and tested techniques to practice any language every day, when you live in a country where they speak it, Spanish in this case. 

  1. Down-to-earth ideas on how to make the most out of a supermarket trip that won’t take more than five more minutes of your time.
  2. One idea to use your time productively at the hairdresser’s and improve your Spanish at the same time.
  3. The one technique that helped me lead business meetings in German while in Germany. 
  4. Three useful phrases to use when you want people to speak in Spanish to you, when you want them to repeat what they said, or if you need them to speak slower. With time for you to practice. 

among other ideas.

Join my community and get my Tips to Practice Spanish

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