Let me give you the bad news first...

... After this class, you won't have an excuse not to practice Spanish on a daily basis anymore.

(Or is that good news?)

Having said that, the good news is that you’ve signed up correctly to this Webinar where you will learn how to put into practice all the Spanish that you know on a daily basis when you live in Spain. 

And also a few tips and tricks that are down-to-earth and don’t require spending money (well, maybe a Netflix subscription would be useful…). 

So, you will get an email from me shortly, where you will find:

  • the link to Zoom
  • the link to the worksheet for the class
  • some reminders about having agreed to receiving my newsletter by signing up to this webinar, and how to unsuscribe if you don’t want to receive more emails from me. 

If you don’t get it, please check your spam folder or promotions folder (in case you have gmail). 

If you don’t get this email in, say one hour, send me an email to: info@jimenaibarra.com and I will solve it for you. 

And that’s it. 

I´m looking forward to seeing you on June 20th and please do get in touch if you have any questions. 


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From expat's spouse to expat madrileña/o

Free, live webinar to learn tips to practice Spanish every day if you live in Spain and not feel like an outsider anymore. 

June 20th, 2023

20 hrs – Madrid time

Via Zoom