Moving to Madrid shouldn’t be nerve wrecking

… but let’s face it, a move is always a challenge, no matter how many times you’ve done it.

Where to live?
Where to send the kids to school?
Is it close to work?
Is it green?
Is it …?


I’m Jimena and I teach Spanish to expats like you…
… because I am one as well.

So I prepared this guide. 

Because it is what I wish I had a few years ago, when we were planning the move from Frankfurt to Madrid. 

Here you will find:


  • A list of schools I know and are very popular among expats and their location in the city;
  • A basic description of the Spanish education system;
  • A list of neighbourhoods;
  • Some cultural insights, for you to understand some of the things Spaniards do that may seem strange at first (but then you get used to).


La vida en Madrid

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Jimena office
In my office

“Wait a second, who are you anyway?”

Well, I am a Mexican girl who now lives in Spain and has been living outside of Mexico since 2000.

Since 2016 I teach Spanish as a foreign language, and I specialise in expats.

I do this because I am one and I understand what we go through when we get here.

Even if I’ve been a long time in Madrid, I still have many expat friends here and they have shared their insights and thoughts with me.

One of the many things all of them have told me is:

It is important to speak a little bit of the language.

So, I want to accompany you in this journey, which isn’t always a bed of roses.
Exciting maybe.
Challenging for sure.
But not easy.

That’s the reason I prepared this guide for you:

For you not to feel too alone.
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