Do you know what are the 4 most important documents you need in Spain?

No, it's not your passport, but close.

And experience has it that you either get them quick, or your life as a new expat will be somewhat difficult...

What are these documents?

Why do I need them?

Where do I get them?

Where do I start??


I’m Jimena and I teach Spanish to expats like you…
… because I am one as well.

So I prepared this PDF with the 4 (+1) most important documents you need when you live in Spain

Because when I arrived in Madrid back in 2013 the relocation agent started bombarding me (or it felt like that) with papers to sign, authorisations to give and telling me to go places to get X document. 

I felt I wasn’t in control because I didn’t understand why we needed all of those papers. 

Mind, I didn’t even know where I was standing, let alone know what they wanted from me. 

I didn’t like the feeling, and I’m a Spanish speaker. 

I can only imagine how it is like for an expat without the language. 

That's why I made this short pdf, where you'll learn...

  • The 4 most important documents you need in this country. Plus a little extra.
  • Why you need them
  • Where you get them
  • In what order to get them

And most important of all, I’ve attached recordings on how they are said in Spanish.

Just give me your email and I’ll send it to you

Front page of documents that you need in Spain


Please note that, after you give me your email you will be subscribing to my newsletter as well. This is just a normal email that I send 2 to 4 times a week, where I talk about topics that may interest you as an expat in Madrid. Or future expat. If you don’t like it, you have the option, in every email, to unsuscribe painlessly and in just two clicks. 

“Wait a second, who are you anyway?”

Well, I am a Mexican girl who now lives in Spain and has been living outside of Mexico since 2000.

Since 2016 I teach Spanish as a foreign language, and I specialise in expats.

I do this because I am one and I understand what we go through when we get here.

And bureaucracy was a big thing for me when we arrived. I see it all the time with new expats that arrive and don’t know exactly what to do, if they already have a certain document or where to get it. 

One of the many things all of them mention at some point is:

Bureaucracy here is so overwhelming.


So, to make your first steps a bit easier, you can have this pdf ASAP.

For you not to feel too lost and in control of your new life.

(And to join my newsletter, the only place where I offer my Spanish courses and private classes).


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