You are here and I think that's great. 


Because that means that you want to make a difference in your life here in Spain by trying to communicate with people and understand the locals. 

And for that you want to get the presentations you saw in the videos, right?

Well, there’s just one requirement to get them: to give me your email.

I do it this way, because when you get the email with the links to download them, you will always know where they are in case you lose them. 

Or in case you want to check some words because you’re going to go to the pharmacy, for example, and you will know exactly where to look for them. 

You know what to do to get hold of these presentations, available only to members of David Wright’s community. 

I want to be perfectly honest with you: by giving me entry to your inbox (because you’re giving me your email), you will be part of my community of expats, with whom I only communicate via email. And also I send them 3-4 words in Spanish per week to help them increase their vocabulary in a natural way. 

There’s more information in the first email I send -along with the links- on how it works and how to unsuscribe should you wish to do so. 

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