Because you are a member of David’s membership site, you have come this way to get your presentations and other materials for you to practice the dialogues of the videos. 

But there is just one more step to do:

You need to confirm your email. 

For that, you will get an email from me asking you to do just that: 

Confirm your email. 

You click on the big, yellow button there and voilà. 

You will get a second email with all the links. 

However, it may take a little while to get that email, because, you know… technology and that. 

In the mean time, while you wait for it, I’m going to tell you a joke. 

A bad one. 

Courtesy of my children. 

You’re welcome. 

What did a fish say when it swam against a wall?





(Insert frustrated smiley. Or laughing-out-loud smiley. Up to you.)

Now comes the important part of this page:

the email I sent you may have landed in your promotions folder (in case you have gmail) or worse, in the spam foldergasp-.

So please do check these two folders and mark the email as NOT SPAM and PUT IT IN YOUR INBOX, otherwise you won’t get my emails in the future. 

Or the evil, email algorithms will hide them from you. 

We don’t want that. 

So, having said that, you can now go to check your email and download your dialogues to start practicing Spanish. 



¡Que lo disfrutes!


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