Welcome to the waiting list!

You are now on the waiting list for the Spanish course of the level you chose. 

I will inform you about the new start dates before anyone else. 

Remember that you are not obliged to book anything if you change your mind. 


If you’re not on my newsletter yet, you will have to confirm your email address, as well. 

For this, you will get an email from me where you can do this by clicking a button

It’s pretty straightforward, albeit a pain. 

But it’s the law…

and the law is the law. 

There’s no way around it. 

Should you not receive this email, do check your spam or promotion folders (for gmail).

It may have gone that way, because your gmail, yahoo or other don’t know me yet and may not like me… yet. 😉 

If you still haven’t got it in an hour, please send me an email to info@jimenaibarra.com and I will solve it for you. 


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