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This is the course for you, who either just arrived in Spain, are imminently arriving in Spain or you have been here for a few months already and the app of the green bird no longer can help you

You are going to learn through stories, that you help co-create, so that in the end, it ends up being your story.

Highly participative and creative classes where…

  • I bring the story
  • I ask you (lots of) questions
  • You answer, co-create and enrich the story, and
  • You learn. 

I only open this course twice a year: in January and September. 

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vamos a hablar


Intermediate to Advanced

You’re not a total beginner, but feel like you still can’t express yourself properly and feel like you make mistakes or lack the exact word that you need. 

Or maybe you’ve been living here longer but don’t have the opportunity to practice “deeper” Spanish on a regular basis.

This course is aimed at people that already  have an intermediate or advanced level, but want to improve their spoken skills, vocabulary and grammar in a natural way.

In a group we will talk about everything possible:

  • culture
  • news
  • parenting
  • movies, series and books
  • the latest celebrity gossip

But basically, if there is a topic that interest you, we can talk about it. I’ll prepare the material and you will talk. 

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Friends talking at a café

1-to-1 classes

This option is very flexible and ultra-personalised, that is why I only open a few slots for it per year.

Here we will work on your objectives only and will go as fast or as slow as you need. 

If you’re interested in this option, just book a free, 30 minute online session with me to “meet” each other. 

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